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Start with clean hands: Tip of the Day 4-21-22

Even if your hands don't look or feel dirty, it's recommended by dermatologists to wash them before applying products (including cleanser) to your face.

If you’re thinking your cleanser will wash your hands and face at the same time, you’re not alone. However, dermatologists suggest unless you wash your hands properly first, there’s still a risk of transferring bacteria to your face while using cleanser.

Dermatologist Shasa Hu chimes in on the topic in a myth-busting article for Insider. In it, Hu says, "Most people use hands frequently for typing on keyboards and phones, or driving. The bacteria and chemicals on these surfaces can lead to skin and eye irritation or infection, especially in people who are prone to eczema.”

If you use your hands to apply makeup, the ”clean hands” rule still applies. In an interview with Glamour, NYC-based makeup artist Nina Jafferji comments on the importance of cleansing your hands before applying products on your face. Jafferji says, “We carry natural oils in the palms of our hands, which can contain bacteria that's easily transferred to your face and your products. By starting with squeaky clean hands, you'll avoid contaminating your skin and spreading persistent pimples and blemishes. And then there's pink eye..."

Soap and water, or hand sanitizer will do.

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