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Summer vacation essentials: Tip of the Day

Traveling to a summer destination can wreak havoc on your skin if you’re not prepared. I’m currently in Venice. The beauty of this Italian city built on a lagoon entices visitors to spend as much time as possible outside. For my skin’s sake, I’m so glad I came prepared for the sunshine.

Sunscreen, Vitamin C, sunglasses, bottled water, and an umbrella (or sun hat) are so worth taking on your summer vacation.

Because Venice is surrounded by water, the sun’s rays are intense. That means, don’t skip the sunscreen. I don’t plan on leaving here with burned or damaged skin. I came prepared with plenty of SPF 45 sunscreen for my face and neck, and SPF 30 sunscreen for my body. Remember to reapply sunscreen every 2 hours.

Vitamin C and sunscreen work great together to protect skin from free radicals and UV rays. Experts say, when used together, vitamin C sunscreen boost each other’s efficiency.

Sunglasses with UV protection protect the delicate skin around the eyes from aging damage. Technically, I bought the umbrella after I got here and it’s turned out to be so handy. It provides shade anytime and makes walking in the sun less scorching. I did bring a sun hat (but chose to buy the umbrella after I saw how pretty it is).

Of course, stay hydrated by drinking water while on summer vacay, (especially if you’re in a place with lots of great wine)! 🍷


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