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Sweat-Proofing your Makeup: Tip of the Day 6-3-22

The summer sizzle can do a number on a girl’s makeup! 🥴 But a simple trick can help keep your ’face’ on longer in the summer heat.

Blotting papers also come in handy when temperatures climb high. MUA’s suggest adding a powder foundation to your summer makeup bag. If you prefer a creamy foundation, an oil-free option could help cut down some shine (especially if you have oily skin).

Other makeup items for summer include tinted moisturizer and a lip balm with SPF . Keep in mind, tinted moisturizer with SPF shouldn’t replace your actual sunscreen if the SPF is lower than 30. It‘s okay for adding an extra bit of SPF, but dermatologists recommended applying at least 30 SPF (sun protection factor) to properly protect your skin from UV rays. #tipoftheday #beautytips #skintips

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