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The Beauty Benefits of Coffee

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

As of lately, I’ve been borderline obsessed with all things coffee. From coffee flavored ice cream, to coffee scented candles, and coffee drinks anytime of the day or night - the aroma and creamy taste of java are two of my faves for sure. But did you know that coffee can also promote beauty and youthful appearance? Because of the amazing benefits coffee has on the skin and hair, I’ve made sure to incorporate this gem into several Danielle Renée Beauté products. Here are a few incentives to add coffee products to your skincare and self-care routines.

1. De-puff tired, baggy eyes

Applying caffeine topically helps get rid of bags under the delicate eye area. Caffeine dilates the blood vessels underneath the skin, causing blood flow to increase. As blood flow increases, the build-up of fluid (AKA bags!) decreases. Coffee also contains compounds that may help reduce inflammation around the eyes. If baggy eyes are of concern to you, coffee may be just what your skincare routine needs to awaken and revitalize the skin around your eyes.

2. Brighten dark circles and dark spots Coffee contains chlorogenic acid, which is linked to reducing hyperpigmentation. This makes it ideal for treating age spots and stubborn dark circles under the eyes. Beverly Hills MD Cosmeceuticals suggests topical caffeine helps brighten dark circles by increasing blood flow beneath the skin.

3. Reduce premature aging Studies suggest that an antioxidant found in caffeic acid may boost collagen levels in skin and reduce premature aging. Other antioxidants in coffee known as polyphenols may help protect against signs of aging linked to sun exposure. Researchers say drinking or applying coffee topically are great ways to get these antioxidants into your body. 4. Promote healthy hair shine and color The acid in coffee helps to naturally re-set the PH balance in hair. When the PH is higher than it should be, hair begins to look dull and frizzy. Rebalancing the PH with coffee helps restore health shine to hair. Coffee can even be used as a natural hair coloring boost for people with dark brown hair. Simply soak your hair in cooled, strongly brewed coffee. Apply a plastic shower cap and allow to soak into hair for 3o minutes to 3 hours before rinsing out.

Of course, you can incorporate coffee into your skincare and self-care by mixing up DIY treatments. To experience spa-grade coffee treatments at home, here are a few luxury vegan Danielle Renée Beauté products inspired by our favorite anytime beverage:

Botanical Smoothie Cooling Eye Gel

Botanical Smoothie by Danielle Renée Beauté is a vegan blend of cucumber, caffeine, avocado, basil, ginger, turmeric and butters packed with vitamins. It's loaded with natural sugars that smooth out fine lines around the eyes, while hydrating and de-puffing.

Sunset Joe Beard Oil

Sunset Joe Beard Oil hydrates facial hair and nourishes the skin underneath the beard. Key ingredients include Crambe Abyssinica, an Ethiopian seed oil used for softness. Sunset Joe is rich in Vitamin E and essential fatty acids for boosted hydration. This unique vegan blend of Crambe Abyssinica, Argan, Avocado, Apricot, Coffee, Tonka, Shea, and Primrose will grow your beard healthy, strong, and full.

Sunrise Joe Beard Butter

The sultry scent of this product is enough for me to want it for my guy. It’s an expert blend of coffee and hops that smells dreamy. The premium blend of argan, babassu, jojoba, and castor oil works to soften and condition the roughest beards. The non-greasy formula is perfect for taming and growing facial hair.

With any new skin treatment, stick with it for at least 7 weeks to see best results. If you’re not seeing any desired results for several weeks, it’s best to follow up with your dermatologist.

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