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The Birth of Danielle Renée Beauté

Updated: Oct 1, 2020


I’m not exactly sure what it looks like from the outside, but I’ll say this. Starting a business can feel down-right scary. But, feelings lie all the time. That’s what I keep reminding myself. Feelings lie. Fear lies. I’m starting a business in the middle of an unprecedented pandemic. Am I looney tunes? Am I naïve? Absolutely not – but that doesn’t mean that those thoughts don’t try to sneak in on me. Last night, I was watching a movie (enjoying it very much) when my mind drifted from the movie and into “what if’s”. What if this fails? What if I don’t see a return on my investment? What if I LOOK stupid? I just spoke to God silently from my heart as the movie continued. I said to Him, “You know God, I’m scared.”

He knows me, and He knew that I was about to list everything that I was afraid about. He stopped me. He spoke to my heart, “Do you not remember all the ways I’ve proven to you that I am God?” Those words instantly brought a smile to my face.

The beautiful thing about the Lord Jesus Christ, is that He is a God of relationship. He has reminded me that my prayers are heard by the Living God. Danielle Renée Beauté was birthed during my quiet devotion time with God. Why would I not believe that He would bless the very dream He put inside of me? Fear lies.


Before I started Danielle Renée Beauté, I was being more intentional than I had ever been about spending daily time with God. I was drawn to Proverbs 31. I read it every day. The more I read it, the more I began to want to be like the woman in verses 10-31. This woman was wise. She was a hard worker. She was an asset to her husband, and everyone who knew her. She was skilled. She was a giver. She was a business woman. What made her so beautiful is that she loved and praised the Lord. I wanted to be more like her. So, I decided to stop being idle with my time. I decided to use the talents and gifts God has given me. I decided that I would use this business to honor Him. God used His Word to inspire me to start this business – and through the same Word, He reminded me that true beauty is inward.


God gave me the desire, and the provision to start Danielle Renée Beauté. My responsibilities are to work hard, and believe He is with me. God has showed up and showed OUT for me so many times – and still, every time that I’m required to stand on faith, I’m tempted to believe He might not show up this time. Every time, it’s something bigger – and my mind wants to believe it’s too big for God to do for me. Not too big for God - but, too big for Him to do for me. I’m telling you this because if you have dreams, it’s likely that you’ve dealt with similar thoughts. Those thoughts may not ever go away. That’s why you should go for your dreams while you’re afraid. That’s what successful people do. We do it while we’re afraid. No one ever knows unless we tell them. My responsibility is to tell you how God helped me do this while I was afraid. Be blessed, and thank you for following this journey.

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