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Topical collagen vs. collagen peptides: Tip of the Day 10-26-22

If you've spent any time on a skincare aisle, you've likely seen products that either promote collagen production, or contain actual collagen. Collagen is a protein abundant in the body at birth, responsible for giving tissues structure, and giving skin its youthful elasticity. Dermatologists say, some time in our early twenties, we start to produce less collagen. The quality of what we do produce lowers too as we age. When collagen is lower, fine lines and wrinkles develop.

Although it might seem logical to apply collagen topically to increase elasticity in your skin, experts say topical collagen products aren't the best option.

No substantial studies have shown topically applying collagen improves the production of collagen and firmness of skin. But dermatologists say research does back up collagen peptides in regards to helping improve skin firmness. Peptides are short chains of amino acids that mimic collagen. Amino acids are the smallest unit of a protein, meaning they aren't too large to penetrate the skin barrier.

Some dermatologists recommend retinoids to help stimulate collagen production. Vitamin C is also a topical product that helps the body produce collagen, because collagen can't form without Vitamin C.

Bonus tip: Dermatologists say laser treatments can stimulate collagen production by producing a controlled injury to the skin. Chemical peels are also used to produce a controlled injury to the skin, which can help your body produce collagen.

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