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Trimming False Lashes: Tip of the Day 8-23-22

Ever put on a pair of lashes and notice all your pictures look sleepy? Lashes are supposed to enhance your eyes and make them appear more open. If your false lashes aren’t properly sized, they may do the opposite. If your lash strips extend past your natural lash line, a little trim could make a nice difference.

Always trim from the outer edge because the inner areas of false lashes are usually tapered to blend with your natural lash. Cutting from the inner edge will create a more blunt look that isn’t as natural.

This snipping hack should only be done when trimming the length of the lash band! If you’re wanting the lash hairs to be shorter, it’s best to buy a style with shorter length hairs rather than cutting the actual lash hairs. Cutting lash hairs causes them to look blunt and unnatural.

Bonus tip: Always measure both lashes in the pack! Don’t measure one, and then cut the opposite eyelash strip exactly the same without measuring it. There may be a slight difference in your left and right eyes in regards to how your lashes grow.

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