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Use Your Personal Days. 4-5-22 Tip of the Day

Dear working women,

Use your personal days… and your mental health days.

This next part is important. When you take off for personal reasons, don’t feel guilty for it.

You’re a person, not a machine. Read that again.

About 19 years into my TV industry job, I learned to stop feeling guilty about taking off when I needed a personal day. It took me 19 years before I realized personal days (and mental health days) are legitimate self-care.

Sis, personal days are meant to help you be your best self. Burnout is real. Mental and emotional exhaustion is real. Sometimes, unexpected things need to be taken care of, and handling it after work would be exhausting.

You’re a person, not a machine.

You may not be burned out. Maybe you’ve been working hard consistently and just need a break. You don’t have to have plans to take your PTO. You´d be surprised how refreshed you feel after taking a day off when needed.

You’re a person, not a machine.

If your company has a policy, like giving 48 hours notice before taking a personal day, respectfully plan to take your days off, guilt free. It’s okay and important and wise to take good care of your mental and emotional health.

With love,

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