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Using Cleansing Oil during cooler weather: Tip of the Day

Even if you live in an area that doesn't get extremely cold, cooler temperatures can wreak havoc on your skin. If you're not used to bitter cold climate, whatever you consider to be "cold" might prompt you to turn on the heater. That's when going from outside to inside, or vice versa, can do a number on your skin. Dermatologists say this is why cooler temperatures are an ideal time to incorporate oil cleanser into your skin routine.

As the temperature drops the skin's response is to produce less oil and less water. Oil cleansers help to gently remove dirt and makeup while restoring moisture to the skin.

One of the greatest skin misconceptions is that people with oily skin should avoid oils altogether. Using oil cleansers can actually help regulate your natural oil production. When skin is dry, the body sometimes over-produces oil in an effort to hydrate skin. But the oil produced is a thick, pore clogging oil called sebum. Hydrating skin with oil cleansers send a signal letting your body know to stop over-producing sebum.

Some makeup artists like to use a cleansing oil as makeup prep because it's so plumping.

If you’ve worn a full face of makeup, skincare and sunscreen, a second cleanse is recommended after using an oil cleanser.

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