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Weekend Selfcare ideas 4-9-22 Tip of the Day

It’s easy to let weekends become a time to run all the errands. The errands have to be taken care of. Just remember, so do you.

Selfcare is defined as doing something that nurtures, heals, and honors yourself. The options for selfcare are endless, and don’t have to be expensive.

Some selfcare ideas for the weekend:

1. Buy yourself (or pick yourself) some flowers. That small pop of beauty can liven up a space, and just make you feel good.

2. Eat outside. Backyard, Balcony, Park, Patio... wherever you can set up. (Maybe even take those flowers with you... and some music).. and enjoy!

3. Go for a walk (or run).

4. Spring clean. Pick a space in your home and give it a detailed deep clean.

5. Take care of your skin. Rehydrate and moisturize. Wear a beauty mask while spring cleaning or preparing your outside meal.

6. Put on a pair of lashes and your favorite shade of lipstick… just because.

7. Take up a new hobby. Don’t be intimidated by inexperience. Every great had to start somewhere. Try a free language learning app, gardening, quilting, jumping rope, a new class or something you can learn from home.

8. Plan your meals for the week.

9. Open the curtains. Let in the light!

10. Wash your car, shine those tires, and clean the inside. Riding in a clean car makes you feel brand new. Tip: get scuff marks out with toothpaste. Trust me on this. Leave it on for 15 seconds and the scuffs will wipe off. And love bugs come off easier if you saturate them with olive oil for a few minutes first.

11. Write down 3 things you are good at. Remember that you are important and have more influence than you probably give yourself credit for.

Enjoy your weekend beauties.

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