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When to change your razor: Tip of the Day 9-6-22

When's the last time you changed your razor? Most people don't count the number of shaves they're giving themselves. But experts say we should be counting, especially if acne or ingrown hairs are an issue.

Whether you're shaving your face, dermaplaning, or shaving your body, razors get dull after every use. In time, that dullness potentially sets you up for razor burn, ingrown hairs, and spreading of bacteria.

Changing your blade every 5-7 shaves is a general rule of thumb, but sometimes blades need to be replaced sooner. If your blade is bent or damaged, change it out. If your blade has rust on it, use a new one. If your blade isn't giving you a close shave, replace it.

Experts recommend rinsing your blade in between every stroke. After you're done shaving, clean your blade with a toothbrush and antibacterial soap. Make sure it's dry before putting it up (so rust won't form). Store it in a dry place. If you keep your razor in the shower, the moisture can cause bacteria and rust to form.

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