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Who Betrayed Whom?

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

This post is about perspective. I recently felt betrayed. Back-to-back betrayal. And after thinking about it all, I realize that I’ve been the problem.

I thought my body betrayed me. After a lifetime of stellar health, my digestive system broke down due to an autoimmune condition, my immune system attacked my hair follicles, and my iron levels dropped to the point of me needing an iron transfusion. Like, what the heck? And in the middle of feeling sorry for myself, my perspective shifted.

I had forgotten that for 40 whole years, my body showed up for me even when I didn’t properly care for it. I asked myself, “All those years your body was working for you, how much water were you giving it? Consistently?” How many fruits, vegetables, and supplements were I giving my body? How much exercise was I consistently giving my body? How much rest was I giving my body? When’s the last time you took an iron supplement? Then it dawned on me, this body is the real MVP - and I was the one betraying it. #lightbulbmoment

My whole mindset changed once I accepted that I’ve been the problem. This body can only take so much neglect. I went from feeling betrayed to feeling compassion for my body. My thoughts have turned protective and nurturing. I tell my body, “I will give you enough water today. I will give you fiber today. I will make sure you get some fruit and vegetables today. I will allow you to rest. I will exercise you today because you’ve been good to me.

When I can’t exercise as long or hard as I would like, I tell myself “Thank you for giving me your best today. I will give you nutrition and I will be patient while you gain your strength back. After a great workout, I say thank you to my body for working hard for me, and for not giving out on me.

I tell my body thank you for responding well to the medications I take. I‘m grateful for healthcare and access to medicine. I tell my body I will stop skipping meds because I forgot. I will prioritize my body’s health because my body served me well for so long.

This is gold, y’all. This is healthy self-love. This is what I prayed for. God is the sweetest. I thought I needed determination and discipline. He gave me the right perspective. The right perspective makes me want to take better care of this body that I’ve taken for granted.

I betrayed me. Now, I forgive me. Now, I make a vow to me - to appreciate and love me better.

#selfcare #selflove #takecare #perspective

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