Twice the size of an average soap bar, Bye Bye Eczema is formulated to help calm itchy, dry skin.


Made with flaxseed oil (recommended by the American Medical Association for the treatment of eczema and psoriasis), crushed oatmeal, and other organic oils. Oatmeal is classified as an emollient, which means it holds moisture against the skin. It also has anti-inflammatory qualities and reduces itching.


This bar does not contain scent or coloring. Patting your skin dry (not rubbing) after a shower or bath is recommeded for people with eczema.


This is a large bar that can last over 8 weeks, especially if stored on a tray that allows the bar to dry in between uses. Consider purchasing our Bamboo Soap Dish to help extend the life of this soap.


*We do not claim that this will cure any skin ailments. It is made with ingredients that has offered relief for people with eczema.

Bye Bye Eczema Organic Soap

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