Lava pumice stone is made of crushed volcanic rock. It is used to exfoliate and smoothe the thick skin under and on the sides of the feet. A pumice stone can also soften calluses and corns to reduce pain from friction. 


Use one to two times per week. 


Wet the pumice stone before using. Soak your foot or other affected area in warm, soapy water for 5 minutes or until the skin softens. You can also use in the shower after skin has softened from being wet.


Cleaning Your Pumice Stone:

Clean pumice stones after every use to remove dead skin and other debris. Wet the stone and a toothbrush with warm water. Apply liquid dish detergent to the toothbrush, and then use the brush to scrub all sides of the stone for several minutes. Rinse the stone well in warm water to remove soap, dirt and oil.


For deep cleaning, boil your pumice stone in hot water for five minutes. Allow it to air dry away from damp areas.

Lava Pumice Stone

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